LANDMARKS 2001 (Video Still)

3-channel video installation (with Tia Schmidt)

The installation consists of 3 thematically ordered films shot during an artists’ symposium in Vierraden near the Polish border. Fourteen European artists were invited to work within the broadly defined theme of ‘art beyond limits’.

The installation runs on three monitors showing:

    1) the artists’ work and programme of events in the disused tobacco warehouse and villa where traces can be seen of the various previous functions of the buildings,

    2) the town of Vierraden, a former tobacco-growers’ village exemplifying the only partial success of the drive to rebuild the former GDR, and

    3) the surrounding area characterised by its border situation, on the one side the national park, on the other Europe’s largest refinery.

By running the 3 films parallel, the documentary material is transformed into a picture and sound collage. The themes are distinct but inextricably linked: each reflects and influences to the others. Only together do they give an impression of the situations and atmospheres during these ten days in July 2001. Associations on the theme of ‘border’ such as parting but also approaching and meeting are brought out in a highly subjective manner.

As the films run in loops of different lengths, ever new combinations of picture and sound are created.

Running times:

                   ‘artists’               52’ 49’’

                   ‘town’                 32’ 32’’

                   ‘surroundings’      25’ 24’’

Tim Coe