METAFORMS 2004 (installation Kunsthalle Bremen)

3-channel video installation
3 x video projector
3 x DVD player
3 x loud speakers
3 x projection walls

METAFORMS I II and III take as their subject bees, fish and the artist respectively. In each of the 60 second loops the subject appears at first full-screen but, through the constant slow zoom out, recedes into a mass of similar subjects which begin to act as ‘pixels’ of the starting image. The loops have no real beginning or end and, although the ‘camera’ movement remains constant, the viewer is forced to shift between perceiving the individual details and the meta-level emerging big picture. At what point this shift takes place is determined individually.

Engaging in both modes of perception seems impossible. With repeated viewing an oscillation between view points can occur. But the question is whether some level of perception is possible where the micro- and macro-levels are simultaneously present. A biologist is concerned with individual cells or organs. A sociologist studies the behaviour of populations. Both however, as people, have the inescapable perception of themselves as conscious, free individuals. Each of these interpretation levels has consistency within itself but is difficult to bring into the other spheres. METAFORMS represents the search for methods of perception without this problem - the synthesis of different, apparently conflicting ways of understanding.

Tim Coe